We spent the best part of a year agonising over the smallest of details while developing our T-shirt. Every panel, stitch and hem considered, then reconsidered, with countless variations and tweaks to finally get, what we consider to be, the perfect fit.

Fitted across the shoulders and back to give it shape, whilst loosening through the mid-section for comfort. The sleeves are semi-fitted, and the collar is wide enough to be comfortable, without being loose and compromising its shape. 

Grown in California, spun, knitted and manufactured in England, the long-staple 100% Supima Cotton we use to make our T-shirt is stronger yet softer, more comfortable and longer-lasting than regular cotton.

We spin the raw cotton into 150-gram fabric that's light enough to wear all day, but solid enough to hold its shape, and the reactive dyeing process we use will help to keep its colour, wash after wash.

Neck and sleeve seams are twin-needle stitched to make them durable against everyday wear and maintain the fit and shape we worked so hard to develop.

  • Medium fitted
  • Model is 6′1″, wearing size M
  • Question about the fit? Drop us a message via the help button on this page or email us on [email protected]
 Size Chest  Length
37" (94cm)
27.1" (69cm) 
39" (99cm)
27.5" (70 cm)
41" (104cm)
27.9" (71cm)
43" (109cm)
28.4" (72cm)
45" (114cm)
28.75" (73cm)
47" (120cm)
29.3" (74.5cm)
  • 100% Supima cotton
  • Cotton grown in the USA, and spun in the UK
  • Made in the UK
  • Machine wash cold gentle cycle for best results
  • Tumble dry low, but better for the T-shirt and environment if air dried flat.
  • Reshape whilst damp


Only grown on 500 family owned farms, the farming practices used to produce our Supima Cotton sets environmental and ethical standards for cotton around the world. Our growers go to extreme lengths to minimise water consumption and maximise soil conservation, so our T-Shirts are never made at a cost to our planet.  

Grown in California, spun in England, our long-staple 100% Supima Cotton makes our T-Shirt stronger yet softer, more comfortable and longer lasting. This exceptional raw material and our obsessive finishing keeps your T-Shirt looking its best and retaining its fit well past when most others would be languishing in landfill.